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Wolf Storm Media is an interactive advertising agency that knows both sides of the game. We are here to help our publishers increase their volume through proprietary training, forums and one-on-one assistance. We’ve been on the publisher side of the game for years now – and we know what it takes to grow your business. As advertisers, you are looking for someone that can deliver high-quality traffic and that’s what we are here to do. By training our publishers we can offer the highest quality in the industry.

  • 33333
  • 33333
  • 33333
  • 33333
Affiliate Network Details
Number of Offers 500+

Featured Offers QuizYou, Single Parent Meet, Match.com, Flycell, Home Income Black, Acai Optimium, Vistaprint, Free Score 360

Commission Type CPA, CPS, CPL

Minimum Payment $50

Payment Frequency Weekly

Payment Method Check, ACH, Wire

Referral Commission 5% On Profit

Affiliate Network Software: HasOffers

Tracking Link http://tracking.wolfstormmedia.com

AIM Support WolfStormMedia,

Twitter @Wolf Storm Media,

TEL 1-888-584-9338

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Review by Brian, May 27, 2011
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Scam network, cant post bad reviews on Aff paying as they are sponsors, they say 50 min weekly yet at 200 i emailed them they say 500 min, then after 3 months i reach over $400 and account blocked, Nice money making methods,

Review by Jeremiah Cooper, June 3, 2011
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Hello Brian, you reached out to me and we resolved this issue. The traffic you were sending was purely fraudulent, and I gave you the chance to proof me wrong.

The vast majority of your leads came from proxies, and I sent you a full report detailing that for you. You told me that you bought media, and that the person who you bought it from must be to blame.

If you would like to try to dispute this ban, you know my email address already and you’ve been in contact with me. You have chosen not to dispute it or provide any evidence to support your case.


Review by Brian, June 5, 2011

Hello Jeremiah

No nothing to dispute, I bought traffic from a site where i got that idea from Steven Isars Commission Crusher. When you sent me the email i contacted this site to remove the review but they never did.

Needless to say i do not run traffic with that company no more,

Also wanna warn others save 50 bucks commission crusher is a joke when you offer sites commission for hosting your ads that some will do what ever they can to get leads so they earn,

However i feel a curitsey email or warning in the near future to prevent this type of actions again, Surely if as much of traffic was fraud then it never should of got to over $400 i should of been warned so i could of taken care of it. Just blocking a account doesn’t help, can’t fix a leak if you don’t know where the hole is.

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