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SnapVertise was formed by a team of industry veterans who grew tired of Advertising Networks that lacked a certain care for the backend performance of your campaigns. The team realized that by working very closely with Advertisers, they could help create Campaigns which increased income for both the Advertiser and Publisher. We run our own campaigns through our network, which enables us to quickly judge the quality of traffic from our publishers. Publishers that do not generate quality leads are removed from the Network – or offered lower rates.

As a publisher, it’s no secret what you need from the advertising network you choose to send your traffic to. From a huge selection of interesting and unique advertisers and corresponding offers to quick, industry-high payouts, SnapVertise has everything you need to succeed. We specialize in international leads and good quality sales. From the large publisher to the small one, we work hard to bring you the BEST offers that will make you the MOST money.

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Affiliate Network Details
Number of Offers 150+

Featured Offers SnapDollars, TheFreebieFix, PartnerWithPaul

Commission Type CPA , CPL

Minimum Payment $50

Payment Frequency Net-25

Payment Method Check / Wire / ETF

Referral Commission 5%

Affiliate Network Software: DirectTrack

Tracking Link N/A

AIM Support ShamisoSnap

Twitter @snapvertise

TEL (866) 760-7627 x510 (Sean)

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Review by ChadOath, August 13, 2012
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I just want to note that this is the only time I have ever written a negative review for an affiliate network. I have been doing affiliate marketing since around 2005 and have never had a problem with other networks.

I have a free, non-incentivzed website in the paid survey niche that currently earns over $200 per day with various other networks. While searching for more offers to add, I came across SnapDollars, which is exclusively on Snapvertise. It looked like it would do well on my site, so I signed up to Snapvertise to promote it. There isn’t a lot of information on Snapvertise floating around, so I had to go out on a limb and try them for myself.

First, there are several red flags for this network. They don’t offer free ACH, only wire transfers with high fees. Also, they don’t offer Paypal. Regardless of what excuses they use (including fraud-related issues), the fact of the matter is that just about every other serious affiliate network offers those options. In addition, they have net-30 payment terms to begin, so you have to wait an entire month to receive your commissions at first.

With all of this under consideration, I decided to send them a small amount of traffic just to reach the commission threshold and see if they paid. I exceeded the threshold in May and was supposed to receive a check at the beginning of July.

My affiliate manager is Erik Maddieux. I contacted him once back in June just to inquire about payment terms. It took him a week to reply. I replied to him to ask about alternative payment methods. I got no reply to that email. I have since contacted him 3 times via email about this specific non-payment issue and have not received a reply. I have left several voicemails and still have not received a reply. I contacted their general automated support phone number and was transferred to a voicemail for a guy that says that he will be in and out of the office all throughout FEBRUARY! So he hasn’t changed his voicemail in 6 months!

My personal experience with this network is exactly why you only send a little bit of traffic to hit the commission threshold to see if they pay. Maybe everyone’s experience is different (YMMV), but I just wanted to give a little bit of insight so others wouldn’t have to join blindly like I did.

Review by Yasser, March 10, 2014
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Yes, Same thing happened with me. More than 4 months now I’m trying to reach them to get my commissions with no luck!
I think they SCAM!

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