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eComLeads works extremely hard to provide the best affiliate program to our partners. Our program offers the highest payout and easiest conversions. Not only that, but we have the highest quality of professional affiliate program management behind our program at For publishers those options include how much you get paid and how to further monetize your mailings via eComLeads’s secondary revenue stream program, ResponseOffers.

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Affiliate Network Details
Number of Offers 100+

Featured Offers Disney Movie Club, Quicker Auto Loans, Dr.Seuss & Friends Book Club, USA Debt Help, Affordable Health Insurance

Commission Type CPA , CPL

Minimum Payment $100

Payment Frequency Net-45

Payment Method Check / PayPal

Referral Commission N/A

Affiliate Network Software: DirectTrack

Tracking Link

AIM Support Travis Starnes, Ray Gillispie, Mark Lusk

Twitter @eComLeads, @Mark Lusk

TEL 866-871-2294

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Review by Used To Work There, October 10, 2013
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They are a bunch of scam and con artists. Mike Malek leads the parade with his spray spit all over you when he talks and brash attitude. He trains his people to be shady, shave leads, skim off the top when they can. Ray Davis, is a worthless wish he could be an accountant but is just a gay(because he cant get a woman, so he turned gay and he cant get a man either) book keeper. They wont pay on time, on purpose. They will always try to weasel their way out of any and everything they can.

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